Giving ourselves to God

Giving ourselves to God

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2 Corinthians 8: 5 (KJV)

And this they did, not as we hoped, but first gave their own selves to the Lord, and unto us by the will of God.


They far exceeded our expectations, for they consecrated themselves entirely to the work of God; giving themselves and all they possessed first unto the Lord; and then, as they saw that it was the will of God that they should come especially forward in this charitable work, they gave themselves to us, to assist to the uttermost in providing relief for the suffering Christians in Judea.


These people are an example to us. The great works of the world are not done by the great people of the world; but as the tiny coral insects, patiently working unseen, produce large results, it often happens that the weakest brethren bestow large blessings. They are an example because they followed the right order. They did the first thing first. “They first gave their own selves to the Lord.” It spoils even good things when you reverse the right order, and put the cart before the horse. Did you ever hear of the servant who first dusted the room and then swept it? This is the first thing, because they were free in what they did. They “first gave.” The only pressure put upon them was that which made them willing in the day of God’s power. The religion which is pressed by surroundings, friends, or the demands of society is not worth having. They gave themselves, also, wholly and unreservedly. This is proved by the fact that their money followed the gift of their own selves They acted in obedience to “the will of God.”


Let us follow their example. Let us give ourselves to the Lord. Do not wait to make ourselves better, or to feel better. Until we have given yourself to Him, He cannot accept any other offering. Unless we are really Christ’s, we cannot be truly happy. Nor can we be safe. Only His power can save us from our adversary, the devil. Some of us gave ourselves to Christ forty years ago, some thirty; some twenty; some ten; some only quite lately. However long it has been, let us keep on giving to Him.



Have a great and God filled day!


Pastor C

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