Friends and Companions

Friends and Companions

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1 Corinthians 15:33 (KJV)

33 Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.


“There is no difficulty in this saying; he who frequents the company of bad or corrupt men will soon be as they are.”—Anonymous


Poole commented, Do not suffer yourselves to be abused with evil and corrupt discourses of those philosophers amongst whom you converse, who argue from innate principles of reason against articles of faith; though you may judge that they talk but for discourse sake, yet their communication or discourse is naught, and will influence men as to things of practice, and debauch men in their morals. It is a verse or saying taken out of, or at least found in, one of the pagan poets; but containing in it much truth.”


The word rendered “communications” means, properly, a being together; companionship; close contact; converse. It refers not to discourse only, but to contact, or companionship. Scholars identify this statement with the works of Menander, a heathen poet; but some believe the expression had passed into the Greek language as proverb. Paul’s use of it here was to warn the Corinthians against any toleration of the evil teachers who were denying the resurrection; for the toleration of them was certain to have corrupted some of the church. The truth spoken is timeless and applicable to all who ever lived in any generation.


***An individual may be sound in the faith, and have the life and power of godliness, and at first frequent their company only for the sake of their pleasing conversation, or their literary accomplishments: and he may think his faith proof against their infidelity; but he will soon find, by means of their glozing speeches, his faith weakened; and when once he gets under the empire of doubt, unbelief will soon prevail; his bad company will corrupt his morals; and the two dry logs will soon burn up the green one.


The conclusion here is with a sharp exhortation, that they take heed of the wicked company of certain ones. And from this he shows where this evil sprang from: warning them to be wise with sobriety to righteousness. Paul told Timothy to withdraw even from Christian teachers departing from the one faith (I Tim 6:5).


It is also noted that whitewashing and sanitizing a Godless view of life may be more deceptive than overt wickedness, for the conscience is set at ease and godly watchfulness is compromised foolishly. The contagion which is diffused by bad examples, and heightened by particular connections with persons of loose principles or dissolute morals must be avoided. This, in a licentious state of society, is the most common source of those vices and disorders which so much abound in great cities. It is indeed disagreeable to contemplate human nature in this downward course of its progress.


We must turn away from Christians that live the carnal existence of the last days (II Tim 3:1-5). The end DOES NOT justify the means!


Have a great and God filled day!


Pastor C