Forsaking Worldliness for Christ

Forsaking Worldliness for Christ

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1 Peter 4:2 (KJV)
2That he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lusts of men, but to the will of God.

It is noted that when a person suffers, he makes certain key decisions about his life. Through the affliction, the emptiness of the world is more apparent, and one makes better choices being less deceived by the world. Purity is the result of persecution and because of this, the people are better poised to live out God’s will. The word ‘purpose’: thought, principle, counsel, mind, resolve, ie. “the dying life voluntarily accepted finding expression in the meek and courageous pursuit of the spiritual life.

Observation has revealed that the meaning of these entire first three verses is closely paralleled in thought by Romans 6:1-11. “Peter is saying much the same thing as Paul in Romans 6, but in different language.” “He who has shared Christ’s cross is no longer alive to the pull of sin through the ordinary human desires, but is alive only to the pull of the will of God.” The complete effectiveness of the new status of Christians, however, will always be more or less, depending upon the individual’s own attention and zeal in spiritual matters.

Here we find that he sets forth the way of ceasing from sin, that act of renouncing the coveting of men we should study to form our life according to the will of God. And thus he includes here the two things in which renovation consists, the destruction of the flesh and the revivification of the spirit. The course of good living is thus to begin with the former, but we are to advance to the latter. Moreover, Peter defines here what is the rule of right living, even when man depends on the will of God. It hence follows, that nothing is right and well ordered in man’s life as soon as he wanders from this rule. We ought further to notice the contrast between God’s will and the coveting or lusting of men. We now understand how great is our depravity, and how we ought to strive to become obedient to God. When he says, the rest of time in the flesh, the word flesh means the present life, as in Hebrews 5:7.

Jesus persevered through suffering, He kept Himself holy and had a great ministry. We also are to persevere through suffering with hopes of a pure life doing God’s will. We are to arm ourselves with the same purpose of pleasing God and doing His will. Jesus calls upon His followers to reject the natural human inclination toward self. The first step is to submit and surrender to God our will, our affections, our bodies, and our lives. Our own pleasures and happiness can no longer be primary goals. Instead, we must be willing to renounce all and lay down our lives, if required. Peter admonishes us to “no longer live . . . in the flesh for the lusts of men,” meaning we should no longer pursue wrong desires. Are we willing to forsake all, to give up everything including our lives? Our Christian duty is to deny our lust of the flesh.

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