Our Focus

To impact the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to empower them to live Christ-centered lifestyles.

Our purpose is to reach the residents of Richmond Hill and the surrounding communities by communicating the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching the Scriptures in ways that are relevant to their personal lives. We want to bring all converts into a learning and worship environment that will unite them with other believers. This will in turn provides a channel for the continual strengthening of their faith, and ignites within them an enthusiasm to serve as life-examples of Jesus Christ in the church, their homes, workplaces, schools, and social gatherings. The strength of the church is the home. Gospel Baptist Church depends on each home to be “strong in the Lord and in the power of His might” (Ephesians 6:10). Whether our members are single, retired, newlyweds, empty-nesters, or parents with children at home, we strive to teach the importance of serving the Lord in all that is done. We work with the home by providing teaching ministries and wholesome recreational activities for different age groups.

We are committed to Teaching the Word of God without compromise. We are committed to teaching the Relevancy Of God’s Authoritative Word in the life of each believer. We believe the Bible is our only standard and final authority for belief and lifestyle choices. It is our responsibility to teach the commands contained in the Scriptures and demonstrate how these truths are relevant to the believer’s daily activities.

We are committed to providing A place for Authentic Worship. We believe everyone in the body of Christ is saved to worship God. Authentic worship involves the whole person (body, intellect, emotion, and will) and should reflect God’s living and active presence in our lives. It is our responsibility to provide a refuge where believers can be revitalized as they worship God in spirit and truth.

We are committed to Promoting The Gospel of Jesus Christ at Home and Aboard. We believe it is only through belief in the Lord Jesus Christ that an individual can receive God’s eternal gift of salvation. It is our responsibility as recipients of God’s saving grace to share the Gospel message with the lost in our community, country and to provide others with the means of fulfilling this ministry worldwide.

We are committed to Equipping and Mobilizing Believers for Ministry Involvement. We believe everyone in the body of Christ has been uniquely designed to serve the Lord with their spiritual giftedness, talents, experience, and resources. It is our responsibility to help believers identify and use their gifts and abilities as well as resources for God’s glory.

We are committed to Maintaining a Covenant of Unity with One Another. We believe the body of Christ can only be successful in all of its ministry endeavors when there is a bond of loving unity. It is our responsibility to provide avenues for shared interactions that will stimulate and strengthen our relationships with one another and protect us fro m all divisive threats.

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