Finding True Joy

Finding True Joy

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Psalm 5: 11 (KJV)
11But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.

It has been observed that internal joy or happiness is often expressed by shouting, or singing, as the word used here frequently signifies. The meaning is, that they should give every proper expression to their feeling of joy. This may be done by singing, or by grateful ascription’s of praise and gratitude. Such expressions as these should be translated in the same way, declarative and prophetically: “All those who put their trust in thee Shall rejoice, – Shall ever shout for joy.”
However, the wicked have everything to dread, for they must be cut off. This is, at the same time, the earnest expression of a desire that they might rejoice, and that the dealings of God with them might be such that they would ever “have occasion” for joy. While the wicked are cut off Psalm 5:10. The psalmist, in this expression, doubtless had a primary reference to himself and to those who adhered to him in his righteous cause; but, as is common in the Psalms, he gives to the sentiment a general form, that it might be useful to all who fear and love God.
There is infinite trust and confidence in such a passage as this. It is the inalienable right of every true child of God to accept this passage and many others like it as his very own inheritance. Who trust not in themselves, in their own hearts, in their righteousness, or riches, or strength; but in the name, righteousness, and strength of the Lord: who betake themselves to him, and put all their confidence in him: let them rejoice in the salvation of the Lord, and in hope of eternal glory and happiness! Notice that the joyful confidence here is not limited to the one offering the prayer, but it is the blessing of all who “love the name” of the Lord and truly serve him.
Kidner pointed out that the last clause here, “Thou wilt compass him,” etc. is a word, “Whose only other occurrence is in 1 Samuel 23:26, where it describes a hostile force closing in on David, only to find itself quietly deflected by God’s encircling, providential care of David.
This passage teaches us, that true joy proceeds from no other source than from the protection of God. We may be exposed to a thousand deaths, but this one consideration ought abundantly to suffice us, that we are covered and defended by the hand of God. And this will be the case, if the vain shadows of this world do not so beguile us as to excite us to take shelter under them. We ought also particularly to notice the statement, that those who trust in the Lord love His Name. Be reminded that the name of God never stands in the Old Testament as a mere designation, but always emphatically, as an expression of His nature. Hence, “to love the name of the Lord” is as much as to “love Him,” so far as He has manifested His nature. If God were nameless, He could not be the object of love; for then He could not manifest Himself, as the name is the necessary product of the manifestation, that in which the Church gathers up the impression which it has received through the manifestation, so that the name only needs to be named, in order to renew the impression. The remembrance of God must be sweet to us, and fill our hearts with joy, or rather ravish us with love to him, after he has caused us to taste of his goodness; as, on the other hand, all unbelievers wish the name of God to be buried, and shun the remembrance of him with horror. Also let us remember that true or real joy comes from knowing and trusting God not in man or things.

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