Fear has NO hold on us

Fear has NO hold on us

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Psalm 56: 3 (KJV)
3What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.

This is said to be a good maxim for the child of God to carry into a world that is filled with such evil and danger.

It is noted that there is nothing like faith to help a pinch; faith dissolves doubts as the sun drives away the mist and darkness. David did not hesitate to admit that there were times when he was afraid. He saw himself to be in danger, and he had apprehensions as to the result. There is a natural fear of danger and of death. He acknowledges his weakness, in so far as he was sensible of fear, but denies having yielded to it. Dangers might distress him, but could not induce him to surrender his hope. He makes no pretensions to that lofty heroism which contemns danger, and yet while he allows that he felt fear, he declares his fixed resolution to persist in a confident expectation of the divine favor.

With that said, the conclusion has been drawn that the true proof of faith consists in this, that when we feel the solicitations of natural fear, we can resist them, and prevent them from obtaining an undue ascendancy. Fear and hope may seem opposite and incompatible affections, yet it is proved by observation, that the latter never comes into full sway unless there exists some measure of the former. In a tranquil state of the mind, there is no scope for the exercise of hope. At such times it lies dormant, and its power is only displayed to advantage when we see it elevating the soul under dejection, calming its agitations, or soothing its distractions. This was the manner in which it manifested itself in David, who feared, and yet trusted, was sensible of the greatness of his danger, and yet quieted his mind with the confident hope of the divine deliverance.

Natural feelings have deep root, and will continue to spring up in the most enlightened hearts. When David looked around, he saw encompassing enemies. Saul threatened in the rear the Philistines encamped in front. Thus, when he looked to man timidness were prone to rise. The trembling he experienced show us that he knew fear, but happy confidence was not extinct. Many waters cannot drown love; many troubles cannot slay faith. Out of the lowest depths he looked above, and saw bright light. His heart responded, I am afraid, but I will trust. God was his confidence. God’s word was the strong foundation on which his heart was fixed. Realizing his oneness with his God, he felt that all God’s promises were his unfailing heritage. His word was a safeguard which shielded his breast; it was the helmet which guarded his head; it was the sword before which no foe could stand; it was the light which dispelled all darkness; it was the song which drowned the clattering of advancing foes. Blessed is the man who can similarly cry, In God I will praise His word. In God I will trust.

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