Faith or Doubt

Faith or Doubt

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St. Mark 5: 34 (KJV)
34And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.

This portion of Scripture is a parenthesis in the action. Jesus is on His way to heal the daughter of Jairus and He is interrupted as He goes by this woman who comes and touches the hem of His garment. Someone said that when it comes to faith in Jesus Christ, we must be submissively accepting of His will and timing in our lives, even if the outcome is not what we hoped or wanted. As Jesus was walking this day, He was thronged by a crowd. The people were pressing in on Him. In the crowd that day there was a weak, timid, dying woman who reached out and touched Jesus Christ.
This is the only time Jesus ever calls a female by this name. The word signifies the fact that they are in a different relationship now. It is a word of tenderness; a word of peace; a word of acceptance. You see, she got more than physical healing that day. All her adult life, she has been an outcast, a nobody, dwelling in isolation and loneliness, but now, she hears that she has been taken in by God! Her faith brought her into a soul saving relationship with Jesus Christ. One minute she was an outcast, the nest moment she was in the family of God! The word “whole” is the same word translated “saved” throughout the New Testament. It means “to be rescued from all harm and danger. To be kept safe and sound”.
Far from being displeased with her, the Lord reassured her, bestowed upon her the benediction of His peace, and the assurance of her continued wholeness. He also directed her thoughts away from any superstition to the effect that touching a fringe had healed her. Her healing was founded upon His own sovereign will and upon her own faith in the Lord of glory.
There is all the difference in the world between pressing and crowding on Christ and touching him. Many crowd Christ, reading much, attending services, singing hymns, and making impassioned prayers, perhaps fruitlessly; while a publican in the temple, or a dying thief-with one word, fall of aim and meaning-finds his soul saved. Let us not get caught up in or with religion, but calm our spirit, and speak not until in briefest compass you can name, and lodge, and leave your request with God. Let us come to Christ Jesus to be cured in soul and conscience of our sins. Seeing we all need healing of some kind, let me encourage you to come to Him, and touch Him by true faith, as this diseased woman did, and thou shalt feel Divine virtue to come from Him to heal thee of thy sins, both of the guilt and of the corruption of them. Let our steadfast faith drive us to Jesus and not allow doubt and discord settle in and rob us of His blessing.

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Pastor C

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