Established in Christ

Established in Christ

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Psalm 92: 13 (KJV)

13Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.


Shall flourish in the courts of our God – That is, having been planted there, they will grow there; they will send out their boughs there; they will produce fruit there. The “courts” of the house of God were properly the areas or open spaces around the tabernacle or the temple; but the word came also to denote the tabernacle or the temple itself, or to designate a place where God was worshiped.


“The psalmist thinks of the righteous as trees planted in the temple courts where they flourish in the presence of God.” It is unknown whether trees were actually grown on the grounds of the Jewish tabernacle or temple; but the metaphor is not teaching us about trees, but about the righteous. It is an eternal fact that “the righteous” are always “planted,” that is, established, in the service of God and in his consistent and continual worship.


Therefore, the passage affords an encouragement to parents to train up their children in attendance on the ordinances of public worship; and it shows the advantage of having been born in the church, and of having been trained up in it – an advantage which no one can fully appreciate. The passage may also be regarded as furnishing a proof of what will be the result of being thus “planted” and nurtured in connection with the church, inasmuch as trees carefully planted and cultivated are expected to produce more and better fruit than those which grow wild.


We also see the same image, under the idea of the olive tree, occurs in Psalm 52:8. The passage here may refer particularly to those who have been trained up in connection with the church; young plants set out in the sanctuary, and cultivated until they have reached their growth.


The longevity and fruitfulness of God’s true worshippers is promised here, and there is a special quality of such fruitfulness in that it does not cease with the decease of the righteous. “Their works follow with them” (Revelation 14:13); and one reason why the “crown of righteousness” cannot be awarded to saints immediately when they die, but must wait, as Paul said, until “That Day,” is that the eternal achievement of any faithful soul cannot be fully known until it is concluded; and that conclusion occurs not at death, but at the Judgment. And how about this present life? Is it really true that prosperity and longevity are provided for the people of God, as distinguished from the rest of mankind? The answer is a bold and unequivocal affirmative. Where is the world’s greatest prosperity? Where is the longest life-spans? Are such things to be found where the gospel of Christ is unknown? The answer is NO!


The happy and flourishing old age of the righteous are a strong indication of God’s faithfulness and truth, showing, as it does, that God keeps His promises, and never forsakes those who put their trust in Him.



Have a great and God filled day!


Pastor C