Driven by the right Desires– Having Christ Centered Desires

Driven by the right Desires– Having Christ Centered Desires

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Proverbs 12: 3 (KJV)
3 A man shall not be established by wickedness: but the root of the righteous shall not be moved.

“A man cannot make himself secure by wickedness, nor can the good man’s roots be disturbed.” No project, nor any man, can be securely established upon anything other that righteousness.

The men who purposed to build the tower of Babel used wrong means to fulfil a lawful desire. It was right to aspire towards reaching the fixedness of heaven, but that cannot be done with bricks were they never so many or so well burnt. They did “make a name,” but not the name they desired. And so, it is with many men today. They want to gain for themselves a permanent resting place and a lasting name, and they think to attain their desire by linking themselves with something belonging only to earth, they desire to reach the heavenly with the earthly. And if they could use all the clay upon the globe to make their bricks they would find their tower fall far short of reaching heaven.

Ahab strove to establish himself in despite of the threatened curse of God. He increased his family, trained them with care under the tutelage of his choicest nobility. And surely one, at least, out of seventy, might remain to inherit his throne. But this was the vain “striving” of the worm “with his Maker.” One hour swept them all away (2Ki 10:1-7). The device of Caiaphas, also, to establish his nation by wickedness, was the means of its overthrow (John 11:49-50, with Matt.21:43-44). — Bridges.

Evil is always variable. It has no fixed principle, except the root that is in the human heart; and even that is ever assuming new forms. Nothing is permanent but goodness; and that is unchangeable, because it comes from God. The produce of goodness is permanent, because it has God’s blessing in it: the fruit of wickedness, or the property procured by wickedness, is transitory, because it has God’s curse in it. The righteous has his root in God; and therefore, he shall not be moved.

Though men may advance themselves by sinful arts, they cannot by such arts settle and secure themselves; though they may get large estates they cannot get such as will abide: A man shall not be established by wickedness; it may set him in high places, but they are slippery places, Psalm 73:18. That prosperity which is raised by sin is built on the sand, and so it will soon appear. Though good men may have but little of the world, yet that little will last, and what is honestly got will wear well: The root of the righteous shall not be moved, though their branches may be shaken. Those that by faith are rooted in Christ are firmly fixed; in him their comfort and happiness are so rooted as never to be rooted up.

Just a reminder to all of us, all life without God is a life of wickedness, and such a life cannot be an establishment because it is contrary to Divine law.

Have a great and God filled day!

Pastor C