Divine Support

Divine Support

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Psa.138: 7 (KJV)
7 Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.

It is known that trouble attends the best of men; both outward and inward trouble, from sin, Satan, and the world; yea, they are in the midst of it, surrounded with it; and it is a way in which they walk through this world, and enter the kingdom of heaven; it is continued unto them; it is a long walk, and yet will have an end. Though I am in the low vale of sorrow, I shall not be overlooked or forgotten.

This verse implies that the writer was then in trouble, and it expresses the conviction that whenever he should be in trouble, God would remember him, and give him life and strength. Here David declares the sense in which he looked flint God would act the part of his preserver; by giving him life from the dead, were that necessary. The passage is well deserving our attention for by nature we are so delicately averse to suffering as to wish that we might all live safely beyond shot of its arrows, and shrink from close contact with the fear of death, as something altogether intolerable. On the slightest approach of danger, we are immoderately afraid, as if our emergencies precluded the hope of Divine deliverance. This is faith’s true office, to see life in the midst of death, and to trust the mercy of God, not as that which will procure us universal exemption from evil, but as that which will quicken us in the midst of death every moment of our lives; for God humbles his children under various trials, that his defense of them may be the more remarkable, and that he may show himself to be their deliverer, as well as their preserver.

Like David, we do have a Support. A Grand Support of human life. A Divine Support. “Thou wilt revive me.” God is our all-sufficient support. He is equal to all our emergencies. “He is our refuge and strength,” etc. There is no enemy from which He cannot deliver us; there is no trial under which He cannot support us; there is no danger from which lie cannot rescue us. In the fiery furnace, in the surging waters, in the “valley of the shadow of death,” He is all-sufficient. No one else can support you. “Put not your trust in princes.” And the great news is that He is available to all at any time. “Call upon Me in the time of trouble and I will deliver you.

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