Day of Reckoning

Day of Reckoning

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Ecclesiastes 12: 14 (KJV)
14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

It said, “Whatever we do, whether it is done in good earnest believe this, that there shall be a future state of reward and punishment, according as men’s lives and actions have been in this world.”

This book began with a view of the arena on which mortal life is enacted. It ends with a conclusion in which nothing is concluded but mortal cares and vanities and opportunities. We are pointed, as by the marble finger of the ancient statue, to the tribunal hereafter. In the cool light of the world where change and confusion never enter, there sits the most worthy Judge Eternal.

A more positive statement of the Biblical doctrine of the Eternal Judgment is to be found nowhere else in the Old Testament. The fact of God’s eventual judgment of the whole world is a cardinal principle of Christianity, one of the fundamentals (Hebrews 6:2). This announcement of it at the end of Solomon’s book makes it a climax. It could very well have been that his conviction of this certainty was the very thing that finally brought him to his senses.

These words show, not only that each of us will be judged, but that each of us will be judged for each action of his life; not for his general character whether (taken altogether) he was on the whole a worldly or a pious man, or the like, but for every single act, good or bad, of which his entire life was made up. Each separate thing done, thought, or said, will be brought up again in due order exactly as it was done, thought, or said; weighed, sifted, and judged; for “God,” says the text, “shall bring every work into judgment.”

The reality is that at or on that day of “Revelation,” as it is called, we must all appear or be made transparent, translucent, and dear, like a perfectly transparent body, as the word there signifies, before the judgment seat of Christ; [2 Corinthians 5:10] all shall be laid naked and open, the books of God’s omniscience and man’s conscience also shall be then opened, and secret sins shall be as legible in thy forehead as if written with the brightest stars or the most glittering sunbeams upon a wall of crystal. Men’s actions are all in print in heaven, and God will at that day read them aloud in the ears of all the world.

As Hendry wrote, “The resolution of the discord” (the making of all things right: the just assignment of rewards for the righteous and punishments for the wicked, which shall take place only in the world to come) – “All this shall await the time when faith will give place to sight and every hidden thing will be revealed; so we may say of these last words of Ecclesiastes, that they foreshadow the resurrection.”

“Solomon’s conclusion is that true religion is the only way to true happiness.” Man may chase the rainbows in any direction that he chooses, but apart from the love and service of God, only the rottenness of a grave awaits him. The verdict of God’s truth against any other way but the true one is `vanity of vanities.’ Why should anyone doubt it and throw his life away in the pursuit of life’s beckoning butterflies, all of which can only disappoint and destroy him? Be advise that one day, we (does not matter who you are–status in life) will stand before Almighty God and we will have to answer for all the things we have though, spoke and done on that day!

Have a Great and God filled Day

Pastor C

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