Christians Special Law–Love One Another

Christians Special Law–Love One Another

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St. John 15: 12 (KJV)
12 This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

Augustin: “Where there is love, there must be faith and hope; and where there is brotherly love, there must be also the love of God.”
Jesus raises the mutual love of His own to its full height by giving as a model for it that which He has had for them. Our Savior once and again repeats that command, “Love one another”: He calls it ‘a new commandment,’ John 13:34: for their traditions had in a great measure put that command of loving one another out of date; and that particularly by very impious vows they would be making. We have a little hint of it, Matthew 15:5.
It is noted that when we consider the frequent repetition of this precept, “Love one another,” consider also that passage, Matthew 10:34, “I came not to send peace, but a sword”: and then having reflected on those horrid sedition and mutual slaughters, wherewith the Jewish nation, raging with itself in most bloody discords and intestine broils, was, even by itself, wasted and overwhelmed, we will more clearly see the necessity and reasonableness of this command of loving one another, as also the great truth of that expression, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”
Christ had been before speaking of His commandments; and He mentions this as the principal one, and to which all the rest may be reduced; for as the precepts of the second table of the moral law may be briefly comprehended in this one duty, love to our neighbor, so all the duties of Christianity, relative to one another, are reducible to this, by love to serve each other. This was the commandment which lay uppermost on Christ’s heart, and which He knew, if attended to, the rest could not fail of being observed.
Since it is proper that we regulate our life according to the commandment of Christ, it is necessary, that we should understand what it is that He wills or commands He now therefore repeats what He had formerly said, that it is His will, above all things, that believers should cherish mutual love among themselves. True, the love and reverence for God comes first in order, but as the true proof of it is love toward our neighbors, He dwells chiefly on this point. In addition, as He formerly held Himself out for a pattern in maintaining the general doctrine, so He now holds Himself out for a pattern in a particular instance; for He loved ALL His people, that they may love each other.
Let us then learn that for the disciples of Christ to love one another upon such grounds, and in such a way as He loved them, is that which His heart greatly desires, and is very much set upon. Also that Christ’s love unto believers is both an obligation unto mutual love, and also a pattern and example for it.

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