Christ THE only Door

Christ THE only Door

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St. John 10: 9 (KJV)
9I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

The highest consolation of believers is, that when they have once embraced Christ, they learn that they are out of danger; for Christ promises to them salvation and happiness. He afterwards divides it into two parts.

We are told ‘He shall go in and out, and find pasture.’ First, they shall go safely wherever they find necessary; and, next, they shall be fed to the full. By going in and out, Scripture often denotes all the actions of the life, as is said in French, aller et venir, (to go and come,) which means, to dwell. These words, therefore, present to us a twofold advantage of the Gospel, that our souls shall find pasture in it, which otherwise become faint and famished, and are fed with nothing but wind; and, next, because he will faithfully protect and guard us against the attacks of wolves and robbers.

I cannot emphasize enough how important is sound doctrine. This cannot be too strongly insisted on. Error, especially in the fundamentals of religion, is as destructive as vice. In innumerable instances, it brings both those who propagate, and those who receive it, into eternal ruin: hence St. Paul denounced anathemas against any one, even though he should be an angel from heaven, who should blend Judaism with Christianity. Our Lord himself also spake of false teachers with indignation. The Pharisees, while they rejected him, taught the people to look for salvation to their own ritual or superstitious observances; Jesus therefore declared them to be only as “thieves and robbers,” who, instead of belonging to the flock of God, sought eventually their destruction, and, in opposition to their false doctrines, affirmed [Note: The affirmation is exceeding strong, ver.7 and it is repeated in the text.] Himself to be the only door of admission into the fold of God.

Only Christ is the true Pastor, and those only are the true Church who acknowledge Him to properly be their only Pastor: opposite to Him are thieves who do not feed the sheep, but kill them: and hirelings also, who forsake the flock in time of danger, because they feed it only for their own profit and gains. Do you know Him?

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