Christ our Shepherd

Christ our Shepherd

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St. John 10: 11 (KJV)
11 I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

In those countries of the East where our Lord appeared, the office of a shepherd is not only a lowly and simple office, and an office of trust, as it is with us, but moreover, an office of great hardship and of peril.

Of all the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, there are none more deeply engraved in the mind of the Church, none dearer to her than these. This is one of the Divine sayings in which there is so much of truth and love, that we seem able to do little more than to record it and ponder on it, to express it by symbols, and to draw from it a multitude of peaceful and heavenly thoughts. Whose character is the very reverse of that which has already been described. In John 10:7, John 10:9, our Lord had called himself the door of the sheep, as being the sole way to glory, and entrance into eternal life; here he changes the thought, and calls himself the shepherd, because of what he was to do for them that believe in him, in order to prepare them for eternal glory.

Christ is our Shepherd, and His sheep know His voice. Let us beware of not following when He goes before. Let us not be content with ourselves; let us not make our own hearts our home, or this world our home, or our friends our home. Let us look out for a better country, that is, an heavenly. Let us look out for Him who alone can guide us to that better country. Let us call heaven our home, and this life a pilgrimage; let us view ourselves as sheep in the trackless desert, who, unless they follow the shepherd, will be sure to lose themselves, sure to fall in with the wolf.

And since He is the true shepherd indeed, that came down from heaven to seek the poor sheep that was lost; and when He found it, took it upon his own shoulders to carry it home with joy to His heavenly fold. How dearly have His sheep cost Him, for truly has He made good in Himself sentence, that the good shepherd giveth His life for His sheep. Let us purpose then to ever follow and obey, love and embrace Christ who is the true Shepherd of our souls.

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Pastor C