Christ light in us

Christ light in us

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St. Matthew 5:14 (KJV)
14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

A young minister, when about to be ordained, stated that at one period of his life he was nearly an infidel. “But,” said he, “there was one argument in favor of Christianity, which I could never refute-the consistent conduct of my own father.”

The world’s moral darkness is here implied. The moral qualities enjoined in Christianity are in the highest degree natural-not artificial or secondary. The human mind was constructed so that every faculty in its organization tends to produce good qualities. It is better adapted to good than bad. The bad is something interposed between the original creative design and the execution. Irreligion is artificial. Jesus knew all the attainments of the earth, and He could appreciate their excellency and beauty too; but nothing of all this could east light on the deepest problems that agitate the human heart-what must I do to be saved? Beneath the surface of all this beauty we find lurking the most revolting immorality. It is the light of Christianity that solves the deepest questions and answers the most anxious inquiries of mankind. The object of light is to disclose what would be otherwise unseen. This light discloses God, the way to heaven, etc. This holy light possesses a peculiar character, which the light of mere science, literature, or secular knowledge has not and cannot have. And since its dawn, even those bright things that were proposed as substitutes for it, this light has seized and made handmaids to it.

Therefore, to let our light shine is, undoubtedly, to make a Christian profession. However, this implies that the true light has been kindled in us. This Christian profession should be made in union with the Church of Christ. It is also seen in our Christian consistency. If the light which we let shine in our profession be the true light, there will be good works to be seen. The lowest requirement of Christian consistency is the absence of every evil work-the least immorality vitiates the entire profession. This Christian consistency requires nonconformity to the world, and the good works of an active Christian life.

This is further testimony to the indispensable nature of God’s children. The world would be in total darkness without them. Furthermore, there is no reason to suppose that God would allow a wicked world to stand if it were not for the faithful remnant remaining in it and remaining faithful to God. Christ also said, “I am the light of the world.” That passage before us is not contradictory. It means that the light Christians give forth to others is truly derived from Christ (2 Peter 1:19). Just as all light, energy, and power on earth are derived from the sun, center of our solar system, just so, all moral and spiritual light are derived from the Sun of Righteousness, our Lord Jesus Christ (Malachi 4:2).

It has been noted, nature in her lower and more rigidly prescribed arrangements, cannot extinguish the light of her world; but man’s spirit may extinguish the light of his. And man’s spirit did extinguish that light, and the spiritual world became anarchy and confusion.

Let us remember that every Christians are the bearers of this light into all the ends of the world. Kindled from the Sun, they are to go forth and cast their light upon the world. Our mission is to enlighten the sphere in which we are placed. Let this conformity with God’s appointment be established in nature, and as long as nature lasts God will be glorified. Our measure of light will depend greatly upon the clearness and sensibility of our spiritual perceptive and receptive capacities. All the glass in the optical instruments, whether they are intended for scientific purposes, or for ordinary use, should be free from dross.

Have a great and God filled day!

Pastor C