Christ Knows our Heart

Christ Knows our Heart

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St. John 2: 24 (KJV)
24 But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men,

It has been observed that “Jesus knows what motivates us to have faith in Him. He knows if we have pure motives or not. He knows if we follow Him out of love, admiration, and appreciation or if we follow Him so that we can “get what we want”. It is important for us know and understand that Jesus Knows All About All People. Him being God, which also makes Him omniscient should cause us to check our motives for doing things. The doctrine we may draw from this is that Jesus knows all about all people. No person is excluded from his knowledge, and no part of our life is excluded from his knowledge. He knows everybody — and everything about everybody. Here’s what Jesus will say in John 6: 64, “There are some of you who do not believe.” And John adds, “For Jesus knew from the beginning who those were who did not believe, and who it was who would betray him.” The heart of Judas was open before Jesus. Jesus was not surprised when his betrayal came.”

The word translated “commit” here is the same which in John 2:23 is translated “believed.” It means to put “trust” or “confidence in.” Jesus did not put “trust” or “reliance” in them. He did not leave himself in their hands. He acted cautiously and prudently. The proper time for him to die had not come, and he secured his own safety. The reason why he did not commit himself to them is “that he knew all men.” He knew the “inconstancy” and “fickleness” of the multitude. He knew how easily they might be turned against him by the Jewish leaders, and how unsafe he would be if they should be moved to sedition and tumult.

Nothing is more dangerous than hypocrisy, for this reason among others, that it is an exceedingly common fault. There is scarcely any man who is not pleased with himself; and while we deceive ourselves by empty flatteries, we imagine that God is blind like ourselves. But here we are reminded how widely his judgment differs from ours; for he sees clearly those things which we cannot perceive, because they are concealed by some disguise; and he estimates according to their hidden source, that is, according to the most secret feeling of the heart, those things which dazzle our eyes by false luster. This is what Solomon says, that God weighs in his balance the hearts of men, while they flatter themselves in their ways, (Proverbs 21:2.)

Let this truth about Jesus sink into our heart. If we have ever been impressed with any man’s knowledge about people or wisdom in discerning motives and explaining actions and predicting behaviors, if any character in fiction or person in history or living counselor or scholar has ever impressed us, then the knowledge of Jesus should be infinitely more impressive.

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