Christ is Nearer than we Think

Christ is Nearer than we Think

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2 Corinthians 4: 9 (KJV)
9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;

It is noted, “Do not think yourselves persecuted if by your inconsistencies you have brought upon yourselves the reproach of men, or the just censure of those who fear God. But if your persecutions are brought upon you from doing the will of God from the heart, you will find the approbation of God in your conscience; no, you will find that your very persecutions will draw down more into your soul a blessed sense of the sympathy of your great High Priest, so that as your afflictions abound, so will your consolation.”

Often persecuted, persecuted in all places. The Book of Acts shows how true this was. But not forsaken – Not deserted; nor left by God Though persecuted by people, yet they experienced the fulfillment of the divine promise that he would never leave nor forsake them. God always interposed to aid them; always saved them from the power of their enemies; always sustained them in the time of persecution. It is still true. His people have been often persecuted. Yet God has often interposed to save them from the hands of their enemies; and where he has not saved them from their hands, and preserved their lives, yet he has never left them, but has sustained, upheld, and comforted them even in the dreadful agonies of death.

It is apparent that the Apostle is enduring circumstances that could be described as painful. This happens in your life and mine as well. In fact, these words could very accurately describe the way we feel from time to time. When we go into the valley, it is no fun and often it is quite painful. The point is, you are not the first, neither will you be the last, that will face painful times in life

Friends, you may be cast down by many doubts and fears, and lose the sense of the Lord’s love to your soul, but you cannot lose the reality, nor is your faith destroyed by the hottest flame. It is like gold; the fire melts away and separates the dross and tin, but never touches the gold. In your hottest trials your faith will not have lost a particle. Neither will your hope be destroyed. However, you may be cast down about your state or standing; for not a particle of hope, or of any one Christian grace can ever be lost. They may seem to suffer diminishing as the apostle speaks, “If a man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss” (1 Corinthians 3:15); but it is no real loss—it is merely the dross taken away, that he may come forth a vessel for the refiner.

The work of the Holy Spirit is as indestructible as the work of Christ; and thus every grace which he implants in the soul remains there untouched, unharmed in all its divine integrity. Love, patience, submission, and humility all remain unhurt in the flame, though the dross which is mixed with them is taken from them, that they may shine all the brighter. Thus, though you may be plunged into the hottest fires, you will not be destroyed, any more than the three Hebrew children were destroyed in Nebuchadnezzar’s furnace, or Jonah in the belly of the whale. Just hold on a little while longer, help is on the way!

Have a great and God filled day!

Pastor C

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