Cannot hide from God

Cannot hide from God

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Isa.29: 15 (KJV)

15 Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?


It has been noted the political strategists seem to be particularly in view but all manner or life is applicable. They tried to hide their plans from the Lord so they could be their own masters, as they thought, to live as they pleased rather than as He instructed them. Previously King Ahaz had tried to hide his appeal to Assyria for help (ch7).


The words sound like an echo of Isaiah 5:8; 11; 18, and show that Isaiah had not lost the power of adding to that catalogue of woes. The sins of which he speaks here may have been either the dark sensualities which lay beneath the surface of religion, or, more probably, their clandestine intrigues with this or that foreign power—Egypt, Ethiopia, Babylon—against the Assyrian invader, instead of trusting in the Lord of hosts. Moreover, in the dark night, as if the darkness could conceal them from the all seeing eye of God; such works are truly works of darkness, but cannot be hid, though they flatter themselves they will: and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us? As no man, they imagined, did, so not God himself; into such atheism do wicked men sink, when desirous of bringing their schemes into execution, they have taken great pains to form; and which they please themselves are so deeply laid, as that they cannot fail of succeeding; but hear what follows Isaiah 29:16.


That is, those who attempt to conceal their “real” intentions under a plausible exterior, and correct outward deportment. This is most strikingly descriptive of the character of a hypocrite who seeks to conceal his plans and his purposes from the eyes of people and of God. His external conduct is fair; his observance of the duties of religion exemplary; his attendance on the means of grace and the worship of God regular; his professions loud and constant, but the whole design is to “conceal” his real sentiments, and to accomplish some sinister and wicked purpose by it. This proves that the design of the hypocrite is not always to attempt to deceive his fellowmen, but that he also aims to deceive God.


Moreover, it is seen in the which they consulted against Christ, to take away His life, to persecute His apostles, and hinder the spread of His Gospel; which though they consulted in private, and formed deep schemes, imagining they were not observed by the Lord, yet he that sits in the heaven saw them, and laughed at their vain imaginations, Psalm 2:1,


At the present day this wickedness has been abundantly manifested, and especially since the gospel was revealed. However, now under religion men found it easy to transact with God, because the Prince of the world had contrived a god who changed himself so as to suit the disposition of every individual. Every person had a different method of washing away his sins, and many kinds of worship for appeasing his deity. Consequently, none ought to wonder that wickedness was not seen at that time, for it was concealed by coverings of that sort; and when these had been taken away, men declared openly what they had formerly been. Yet not less common in our age is the disease which Isaiah bewailed in his nation; for men think that they can conceal themselves from God, when they have interposed their ingenious contrivances, as if “all things were not naked and open to his eyes,” (Hebrews 4:13,) or as if any man could deceive or be concealed from him. It is important that we know and understand that God sees everything and everyone. No one or thing is hid from Him 



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