Blinded By Sin

Blinded By Sin

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Psalm 78: 10 (KJV)
10They kept not the covenant of God, and refused to walk in his law.

“They kept not the covenant of God.” Here we find a sad but important condition of God conclusion of His people. It was explained saying,This is the reason assigned for the Ephraimites turning their backs in the day of battle; and it explains why the divine assistance was withheld from them. Others, it is true, were guilty in this respect as well as they, but the vengeance of God executed on that tribe, which by its influence had corrupted almost the whole kingdom, is purposely brought forward as a general warning. Since then the tribe of Ephraim, in consequence of its splendor and dignity, when it threw off the yoke, encouraged and became as it were a standard of shameful revolt to all the other tribes, the prophet intended to put people on their guard, that they might not suffer themselves in their simplicity to be again deceived in the same manner. It is no light charge which he brings against the sons of Ephraim: he upbraids them on account of their perfidiousness in despising the whole law and in violating the covenant. Although he employs these two words, law and covenant, in the same sense; yet, in placing the covenant first, he clearly shows that he is speaking not only of the moral law, the all-perfect rule of life, but of the whole service of God, of the truth and faithfulness of the divine promises, and of the trust which ought to be reposed in them, of invocation, and of the doctrine of true religion, the foundation whereof was the adoption. He therefore calls them covenant-breakers, because they had fallen from their trust in the promises, by which God had entered into covenant with them to be their Father.” He aggravates the enormity of their guilt by the word refuse, which intimates that they were not simply carried away by a kind of thoughtless or inconsiderate recklessness, and thus sinned through giddiness, want of knowledge or foresight, but that they had purposely, and with deliberate obstinacy, violated the holy covenant of God.

Isn’t that a lot like the people of the Lord today? How many times has God come through for us? How many times has He moved mountains, parted the waters in your life? How many times has He lifted the veil of affliction and suffering in our life and allowed the light of His glory to brighten the day for us? How many times has He spoken peace to our storm? How many times has He met the need, done the impossible, and proven Himself to be God for us? And, how many times have we forgotten all about what He did yesterday when the trial of today pops up? Instead of trusting God and living by faith, we worry and we fret. I want to tell you now, that we have a God in Whom we can trust, without reservation and without fear. Let us resolve to be like Jesus challenged Thomas to be, “Not faithless, but believing.” (John 20:27)

Have a great and Christ centered day!

Pastor C

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