Approved by God

Approved by God

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James 1: 3 (KJV)
3 Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

Trials put religion, and all the graces of which it is composed to proof; the man that stands in such trials gives proof that his religion is sound, and the evidence afforded to his own mind induces him to take courage, bear patiently, and persevere.

This and the following verse (James 1:4) give the theme of the whole letter, which may be variously expressed as “The Testing of Faith,” or “Christian Perfection.”

“The proving of your faith,” This would be better translated if rendered “the testing” of your faith. Abraham, the father of the faithful was tested (Genesis 22:1); and it is a foregone certainty that none of the spiritual children of Abraham may expect otherwise than that their faith also will be tested. The testing begins with the Lord’s commandment for believers to be baptized (Mark 16:15,16), and some never even pass that test. However, the testing never ends at the baptistery. Throughout life with its trials and hardships the testing goes on and on.

Patience is one of the fruits of such a trial, and the grace of patience is worth the trial which it may cost to procure it. This is one of the passages which show that James was acquainted with the writings of Paul. The sentiment expressed here is found in Romans 5:3. Paul has carried the sentiment out farther, and shows that tribulation produces other effects than patience. James only asks that patience may have its perfect work, supposing that every Christian grace is implied in this.

This year like others will be filled with testing and trials, but we must understand that God always tests us to bring out the best; the devil tempts us to bring out the worst. As noted, the only way the Lord can develop patience and character in our lives is through trials. Endurance cannot be attained by reading a box, going to seminars, praying, listening to sermons or by doing a host of things. We must go through the difficulties of life, trust God and obey Him. The result with be patience and character. We have overcome many turbulences in the past by putting our faith and trust in God. Let us remember the testing of our faith proves that we are truly born again.

Have a great and God filled day!

Pastor C