All Supplying God

All Supplying God

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2 Corinthians 9: 8 (KJV)
8And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work:

It has been pointed out, “we should not suppose that by giving liberally we will be impoverished and reduced to want. We should rather confide in God, who is able to furnish us abundantly with what is needful for the supply of your necessities. It has also neem noted that few individuals have ever been reduced to poverty by liberality. Perhaps in the whole circle of his acquaintance it would be difficult for an individual to point out one who has been impoverished or made the poorer in this way.”

It is also noted our selfishness is generally a sufficient guard against this; but it is also to be added, that the divine blessing rests upon the liberal man, and that God keeps him from want. But in the meantime, there are multitudes who are made poor by the lack of liberality. They are parsimonious in giving but they are extravagant in dress, and luxury, and in expenses for amusement or vice, and the consequence is poverty and want. “There is that withholdeth more than is meet, and it tendeth to poverty;” Proverbs 11:24. The divine blessing rests upon the liberal: and while every person should make a proper provision for his family, everyone should give liberally, confiding in God that he will furnish the supplies for our future needs. Let this maxim be borne in mind, that no one is usually made the poorer by being liberal.

Friends, if God is able to make all grace abound, then surely, He is able to rule the world He has created and still creates. He is the God of creation, and not its servant. He can get behind all the points that are visible to us, and without altering the order of nature. He can produce what change He desires. We may therefore ask Him to give us what we think would be good for us. This will be one of the practical results of the full belief in the all-ability of God. If I may not ask my daily bread from God, if I may not tell Him what I wish about the weather and what the country needs, then what may I speak to Him about? “About spiritual blessings,” does anyone say? Then are they not also given according to law? If God is bound to act invariably in the material sphere, He is equally and even more bound to act invariably in the spiritual sphere; and if we may not reasonably pray to Him as to the one, still less may we reasonably pray to Him about the other. It is God or no God. God is able to make all grace abound, to give blessing in every sphere, and will answer in some way every sincere prayer that is offered to Him.

Let us always remember and never forget that the Christian life in all its aspects and experiences is an outflow from the ‘the Fountain of Life,’ the Living and Giving God.

Have a great and God filled day!

Pastor C

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