All Praise Belongs to God

All Praise Belongs to God

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Psalm 118: 14 (KJV)
14 The LORD is my strength and song, and is become my salvation.

Here we find the Psalmist saying, God is the source of strength to him; and God is the subject of his praise. There is no ground of praise in myself for anything that I have done, but all is due to Him. He has saved me. I live because He preserved me.

Verse 14 is a direct quote from Exodus chapter 15, where Moses celebrated the crossing of the Red Sea when God saved his people from the Egyptians pursuing them in chariots: The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation. and the three-fold cry that follows also echoes Moses’ song: The Lord’s right hand has done mighty things! The Lord’s right hand is lifted high; the Lord’s right hand has done mighty things

It being in the name of the Lord the enemies of the psalmist were destroyed; and having obtained help of him when sore thrust at, he gives him all the glory, and ascribes nothing to himself. It was the Lord that strengthened him, helped him, and gave him the victory. The Lord is the author and giver of strength, natural and spiritual; he is the “strength” of the hearts and lives of his people, and of their salvation; and therefore is their “song”, the matter of it: they sing of his nature and perfections, of his works of providence and grace, of his righteousness and salvation

All through the Old Testament, the Exodus is looked back to as the supreme example of God saving His people. When you have relied on God to save you from your sin, He becomes your salvation, and also your strength and your song. Note, also that the joyful song of salvation extends into the family of the righteous (v. 15). It is noted that when a man and his family experience God’s salvation, there is great joy in that home. Righteousness, which includes the fruit of the Spirit, is at the heart of a happy home life.

The point is that the Lord who saved Israel from Pharaoh is the same Lord who helps David. Constantly throughout the Bible, and especially in the Psalms, we find godly people rehearsing the great ways God has rescued his people in the past. It’s not because they are interested in academic history, but because they know that God’s enduring love means that if He saved then, He will save now.

When we are feeling helpless, then this is what we must be careful to remember and do. We need to remember the God who saved us; we need to look back at what He has done in our life, and especially look back on what He did for His people in the Bible. These things ought to be a source of great encouragement for us because God’s covenant love endures to us today. So, we shall be saved in heaven solely because he saves us, and there, more than can be possible here, we shall say, “God is our strength and our song, and is become our salvation.

Have a great and God filled day!

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