Acceptable Worship

Acceptable Worship

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Romans 12: 1 (KJV)
1I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

The word “acceptable” means “well-pleasing, satisfying”. The sacrifice being perfect in its kind, and the intention of the offer-er being such that both can be acceptable and well pleasing to God, who searches the heart. All these phrases are sacrificial, and show that there must be a complete surrender of the person – the body, the whole man, mind and flesh, to be given to God; and that he is to consider himself no more his own, but the entire property of his Maker.

Here we notice that they are exhorted to offer such a sacrifice as will be acceptable to God; that is, such a one as he had just specified, one that was living and holy. No sacrifice should be made which is not acceptable to God. The offerings of the pagan; the pilgrimages of the Muslims; the self-inflicted penalties of the Roman Catholics, uncommanded by God, cannot be acceptable to Him.

Important to note that services will be acceptable to God, which He appoints and no more. People are not to invent services; or to make crosses; or to seek persecutions and trials; or to provoke opposition. They are to do just what God requires of them, and that will be acceptable to God. And this fact, that what we do is acceptable to God, is the highest recompense we can have. It matters little what people think of us, if God approves what we do. To please him should be our highest aim; the fact that we do please him is our highest reward.

God is pleased when a life is sacrificed on the altar of His service for His glory. It honors Him like nothing else can. It proves His power. It shows His glory. It tells a lost world that God makes a difference in the lives He touches by His power.

Imagine how awe inspiring it would have been to have stood with Elijah on Mount Carmel as God sent the fire down from Heaven on that altar. Or with 3 Hebrew boys in the middle of the fire. Or to have even stood beside Moses as he conversed on the mount with God or that burning bush? Imagine how it would have felt to have been with Solomon at the dedication of the Temple when the fire of God fell. Wow, those were holy times. They inspire awe in those who witnessed them. The idea here is that when a life is totally sold out, separated and sacrificed to God the Father, it will be an awe-inspiring thing! It will demonstrate the power of God like nothing else! I am convinced that God could do more in a church with one properly sacrificed life than He could with 1,000 who were half-heartedly playing the church game! I wonder how much awe our lives inspire?

The sad truth of the matter is this: we are either pleasing God or hurting Him by the way we use our bodies. If was want to be pleasing to the Lord, then our bodies must be placed on His altar, without reservation or hesitation.

Have a great and God filled day!

Pastor C