A Christ-like Virtue–LOVE

A Christ-like Virtue–LOVE

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Proverbs 10: 12 (KJV)

12 Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.


Love is not a New Testament virtue or grace, nor is it left for the New Testament to praise it in high strains of music. It has been known that from the beginning love has been an angel in the world, gladdening men by its brightness, soothing men by its persuasiveness, and luring souls with infinite gentleness towards all that is true and beautiful. Love takes the largest view of life–it does not vex itself with temporary details, with transient aberrations; it looks down into the very core and substance of the soul, and, knowing that the heart is true in its supreme desires, it covers many flaws and specks, yea, even faults and sins, in the hope that concealment may destroy their influence and their very existence. There is a covering up which is a vain concealment, a merely deceitful trick; no such covering up is meant here: this is rather the covering up with which God covers the iniquities of the pardoned man, the sins of him who has confessed all his guilt and desired an exercise of the Divine mercy. Love is not mere sentiment, an easy-going action of the mind, too self-complacent and self-indulgent to enter with energy into any moral inquiry. The love which is commended in Scripture is an ardent love, keen, critical, sagacious, far-sighted, not imagining that things are destroyed because they are concealed; it is the love of God which at all costs must expel sin from the universe, and set up the kingdom of God among men


This is not to be understood as conniving at or suffering sin upon others, or as contrary to Christian reproofs and rebukes for it. It is to be understood also that a man, whose heart is full of hatred and malice against his neighbor, will stir up, or awake, as the word signifies, contentions and quarrels which were happily laid asleep; these he renews by tale bearing, and whispering, and evil surmises; by raising lies, spreading false reports and calumnies, and by virulent reproaches and slanders; but love covers all sins; not its own, but others; in imitation of the pardoning love and grace of God, which covers all the sins of his people with the blood and righteousness of his Son. 


But love spreads its mantle over the sins of its fellow creatures and Christians, and forgives them, even all of them: instead of exposing them, hides and conceals them; and, instead of loading and aggravating the infirmities of others, puts the best constructions on them, hopes and bears, and believes all things, 1 Cori.13:7. It seeks for occasions to provoke enmity. It delights in broils. On the contrary, love conciliates; removes aggravations; puts the best construction on everything; and pours water, not oil, upon the flame. James 5:1 Peter 4:8 are connected with this verse by the word `covers.'” These are not direct quotations, but both passages stress the same thought. Love indeed covers a multitude of transgressions. Moreover, love is a Christian virtue not hostility, hypocrisy or halfheartedness. Christ demonstrated this His entire life, even while on the earth!


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