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Psalm 37: 5 (KJV)

5Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.


This psalm represents the case, to wit, the flourishing condition of the wicked to the great prejudice and hazard of God’s people. He persuades us, in such instances, to confidence in God and patience in well-doing; and discovers the estate of pious and ungodly men to be as different, not only in the world to come, but through God’s just judgment many times even in this life, as their principles and practices have been.


In explaining, we understand that committing our way unto the Lord, all the affairs and business of life, which are a man’s ways in which he walks; not that men should sit still, be inactive, and do nothing, and leave all to be done by the Lord; but should seek direction of God in everything engaged in, and for strength and assistance to perform it, and go on in it, and depend upon him for success, and give him all the glory, without trusting to anything done by them: or, as some render the words, “reveal thy way unto the Lord; though it may be taken to signify the same as casting our burden upon Him (Ps.55:22), and casting our care upon Him (1 Peter 5:7), yet, as “way “doth in Scripture use denote the course of life, the method and order of our conversation “Roll thy way upon, the Lord.” The idea is that of rolling a heavy burden from ourselves on another, or laying it upon him, so that he may bear it. The burden which we have not got strength to bear we may lay on God. The term “way” means properly the act of treading or going; then, a way or path; then, a course of life, or the manner in which one lives; and the reference here is to the whole course of life, or all that can affect life; all our plans or conduct; all the issues or results of those plans. It is equivalent here to “lot” or “destiny.” Everything, in regard to the manner in which we live, and all its results, are to be committed to the Lord.


Here David illustrates and confirms the doctrine contained in the preceding verse. In order that God may accomplish our desires, it behooves us to cast all our cares upon him in the exercise of hope and patience. Accordingly, we are taught from this passage how to preserve our minds in tranquility amidst anxieties, dangers, and floods of trouble. There can be no doubt, that by the term ways we are here to understand all affairs or businesses. The man, therefore, who, leaving the issue of all his affairs to the will of God, and who, patiently waiting to receive from his hand whatever he may be pleased to send, whether prosperity or adversity, casts all his cares, and every other burden which he bears, into his bosom; or, in other words, commits to him all his affairs, — such a person rolls his ways upon Jehovah.


We are to give up all our burdens, fears and cares to the Lord, He can handle them and they do not overwhelm Him. They may cause us to be anxious, worry and fear but not God, to Him our burdens are light and easy!He is Someone who does cares about you!


Have a great and godly day!


Pastor C

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